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Should Mark Cuban run independent for President?

Should Mark Cuban run independent for President?

This is the topic of an article we’re writing on the subject — to be released soon. That’s why we’re asking for your honest, unbridled but civil opinion.

Most independents we know are tired of the partisan bloodletting that has served to stifle fundamentals of small “d” democracy — listening, deliberation and letting all sides be heard.

Please note: LIV does not endorse candidates, nor do we tell them to run or not to run.

That said, we’re interested in knowing what you think because we’re on the same road with Cuban. We want to see the economy come back, built from the bottom up. He’s got plenty of street cred in that regard. And, Cuban is a true independent — unaffiliated with any party and believes the parties are “so 1800s”. So do we at LIV.

We highly recommend you FIRST watch the Yahoo Finance interview video below. Cuban admits he opened the door again to run late in the interview.

Then, add your comments below.

Still not sure? Here are more interviews with Cuban worth your time. The Parties are So 1800s, July 4, 2019 where Cuban shut the door. Chris Wallace, FOX interview, April 12, 2020, focused on COVID crisis, where Cuban does confirm the door is open. Firing Line, April 27, 2020, “Billionaire Mark Cuban discusses advising President Trump as a member of his new group on reopening the U.S. economy. Cuban defends the president as the cheerleader-in-chief but dismisses the idea of setting a date now to reopen. The “Shark Tank” investor discusses relief for small businesses, tackling unemployment, and how he would address income inequality.” LIV notes Cuban also commends the Bernie movement and says this about unions, “Look, I’ve never been a unions guy, but this is the time, right? This is the time for people to come together and organize themselves, to speak up with a singular voice.” Ballot Access News, April 12, BAN Editor, Rich Winger, is our nation’s premiere ballot access expert for independent candidate and minor parties. This explains why Cuban (or any independent) can still get on the ballot as late as July. Cuban’s wikipedia page tells you lots more about him. We have been getting some private messages telling us he is respected and even “loved” in the Dallas community. This May 8th article in reports, Mark Cuban’s Wife Won’t Let Him Run for President, Says Co-Star | stellar May 13th interview on Amanpour & Co. raises deeper questions about Cuban’s concern that both parties have failed the American people — with no discussion about a presidential run. This May 15th piece in Newsweek makes plain a Cuban run is “highly, highly, highly unlikely,” but keeps the door open for something “crazy” happening. Like what, you gotta ask.

This is a moderated page. Be civil and share your ideas and concerns in a collegial way…and, please don’t give us just a “yes” or “no” — tell us why you feel the way you do. Your opinion is wanted and we promise to listen and take it seriously!

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