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It wasn’t a big surprise when independent Congressman Justin Amash announced his bid for the Libertarian Party nomination. The real surprise was Mark Cuban reopening the possibility of an independent Presidential run. We want to know what you think as we are writing about it — soon to be released.

Note:  LIV does not endorse candidates of any persuasion. That said, Cuban is a fellow traveler as an economic populist and advocate for competitive elections.

Mark Cuban independent presidental option?

We offer this latest LIV Newsletter, knowing already that it’s not OK with you to see public officials join with private interests to allow pilfering — especially in a pandemic for gosh sake!

IN THIS ISSUE:  Pandemic Pilfering #1, #2 and #3 (below) with this timely piece posted on piece by Mark Miller on the Texas Oil and the Texas Railroad Commission.

TxDOT chairs in Texas House and Senate, forsake common sense and open government. Catch the stream today (Monday) at 2 pm if you get this in time. Check out: Pandemic Pilfering #1: TxDOT & CAMPO Ram Ih-35 Expansion
Watson bails

Remember, though LIV does not endorse candidates, we  try our best to bring issues forward into elections. Make sure you are registered to vote. Be ready for primary runoffs and special elections on July 14. We recommend you get yourself a ballot by mail. Ask you local County Elections people how you can get one or call us at 512.213.4511,

As always, you can help by sharing this information, donating to LIV and becoming a member.

You can also contribute comments on any of our articles. Please do!

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