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Join LIV’s Zoom Call

Join LIV’s Zoom call, Wednesday night, March 10, 7 pm.Send us a note to with your name, phone and city or county. Or give us a call at 512.213.4511. Wednesday Night’s Topic: Election and Energy Reform in the Texas Legislative Session, how LIV is redeveloping, a new party forms in Texas. Note: LIV is non-partisan and does not endorse parties or candidates.

Professor Mark Miller came up through the oil fields to become a UT-Austin Faculty member and Professor of Petroleum Engineering. When he retired from UT, he took it upon himself to become fully informed and engaged in independent politics and energy reform. Serving on LIV’s Advisory Board, Mark really is our ‘doctor of democracy’. Mark will review some of the key Election Bills (there are, so far 300!) and a few bills about reforming the PUCT (Public Utility Commssion of Texas). He will also teach us how to participate in this most important Legislative Session to date.

Please note that Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, appoints the PUCT! His blame game needs to start with himself. But, the Democrats are not to remain unscathed. Municipal Democrats have long ignored proper oversight at public utilities such as SAWS and CPS in San Antonio. CPS has a $1 billion problem.

Folks, they are still finding out about deaths related to the storm. Houston Mayor Turner just reported 68 — so far.

Texans, obviously, we are in deep trouble. There will be many ways in which industry and municipal authorities will try to make us pay for years of mistaken public policy or, in some cases, flat-out profiteering (Vista Ridge).

What are we to do — we cannot live without water and energy?

All we can tell you today is the obvious. Democracy is not a specator sport.

We must to find a way — on these big ticket items — not to be divided and conquered.

Read more about Mark and other LIV Board and Advisory Board members here.

Join us for the call.

Thank you!

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