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Hundreds are signing this petition to Governor Abbott to Stop Vista Ridge

►Hundreds are signing this petition to Governor Abbott to stop Vista Ridge. And you? We need thousands. You can even print it out here.

►This Sunday at 6 pm, join our conference call. Reply for details.

Remember this Time Magazine piece from 2004 about the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC)? Three years later the TTC was dead.

Ten years later, we are faced with the Trans-Texas Water Highway. It’s called Vista Ridge.

These guys still haven’t given up on the dream of modeling central Texas after southern California — to build out, pave over and leverage private land and water resources like it and we are their piggy bank.

We cannot let this happen.

What we have now, that we didn’t have in 2004, is the League of Independent Voters of Texas. LIV has the capacity to unite voters across party lines, even as we head into a divisive election year.

►Donate to help us hold more of these events along the Vista Ridge pipeline. (Send a check to us at PO Box 651, Bastrop, Texas 78602 or give a secure online donation == see the donate button on the right ====>)

When we — together — defeat Vista Ridge, LIV will still be here and ready to build a positive vision for all our communities. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Promise.

Texas needs us more than ever now. Thank you, Texans!

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