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California Model Here We Come

Join us on tomorrow’s (Saturday, 9 am) Conference Call: Guest: Alyssa Burgin, Texas Drought Project. Topic: California Model Here We Come…for Texas? For conference call details reply or call us at 512-213-4511.

Rep. Tracy King, in an affable moment, joked about a fellow who said “I get paid to be paranoid”. Too bad we don’t get paid — we could plow back enormous cash into our efforts. Yes, we’re worried.

Action: Read the testimony of Steve Box, Environmental Stewardship, on HB 3597.

What’s really at stake with the California Model — Small Farms: California’s mismanagement of its water has only been exacerbated by drought. This has put the entire central valley, a major source of foods for our nation, into crisis. Today’s LA Times is a timely warning for Texas to protect our local foods, land and water like hawks.

Action: Click here – take action with our friends at the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.

April Foolish! Read this Rivard Report about California-based water

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San Antonio Action: Please attend candidate forums, especially the Mayoral forums like this one on Monday night. Ask the candidates if they will stand with the ratepayers, against aquifer mining in the Lost Pines and the folly of enabling Hill Country development with Vista Ridge water. PS: Tell them that the city of San Antonio still has 24 months to walk away from Vista Ridge and that SAWS said that this one project — Vista Ridge — will raise rates by “16%, more or less.” That’s government-speak for more, ya think?


You can watch the Natural Resources Committee hearings on Wednesdays, generally starting at 2 pm, or just after the House adjourns right here. But, we’d love to see you there with us on the firing line.

More coming — keep an eye out for urgent updates from us and Happy Easter!

A hearty THANKS to those of you who donated to our efforts last week. Others, keep it coming!

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