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Breaking: TML & High Ranks of Republican Party Fail Urban & Rural Texans, say Independent

This release was just sent to over 1000 media outlets across the state:

Urban and Rural Texans Asked to Boot Senate Bills 533 and 1172 Texas Municipal League and High Ranks of the Republican Party Fail Them

To be honest with you, we know it is near impossible to defeat bills once they’ve gone through conference committees. These are “agreed upon” supposedly by both houses, but we know for sure, this is a very flawed process that comes from on high.

We know some of you were told by legislative offices yesterday that the SAWS amendment had been stripped from SB 533, but alas the Republican “high command” had not yet spoken, and it remains in the bill.

So, if you are so moved and you get this in time today (Saturday) or Sunday morning, you can call your own Senator and House Member – to urge them to do the right thing and vote down these bills.

Find your legislators here.

We will end by acknowledging that though Texans know how to die with our boots on we not only remember the Alamo. We remember what came later when Sam Houston’s army swelled with volunteers. The rest was history.

We love you, Texas for whatever you want to do now and for OUR future!

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